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Blake, my fearless leader, said I should keep track of things. So I guess I’ll do that and maybe tell people who aren’t so fond of being around other people the best way to deal with them. So before anybody actually uses this for that purpose I’ll preface this with a disclaimer.

This is about my adventures as the son of a god that everybody knows, Thor.

So yeah, anyway. Here goes. I’m going to list the people I have to deal with on a daily basis, how I see them and my plans for dealing with them. The people that are going to be listed are: Aidan, Benjamin, Blake, Cyrus, Dragon, Helen, Jack.

Aidan – Really shy towards adults, very nervous, likes kids, opens up the nicer you are.

Benjamin – Kinda quirky, seems to be a pretty boy type, pretty open as far as I can tell.

Blake – Ostentatious. But it seems that isn’t quite true when he’s ‘on the job’.

Cyrus – Seemed pretty chill until he found out about Apollo. Now he’s hardly never sloshed.

Dragon – Seemed okay but really manipulative. Stay away from those types

Helen – Seems pretty nice haven’t really gotten to know her enough though.

Jack – He smells like cop. Don’t follow my words when dealing with him, I’m a little biased.

Blake told me to group with Jack and Cyrus. It’s better just to follow what he says. We’re going to the desert to recover some special sand commonly referred to as “Gold Dust”. Those two seem pretty useless when left to their own devices so I led them towards thinking about scanning underground and did that part myself. Best way to deal with thick headed people? Make them think it’s what they thought.

Nero's View

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