Blake's view

The Book of Bishop

This is the recounting of my adventure


Hell or high water is an understatement for what I perceive I’ll need to go through in these upcoming months. I’ve just returned from a meeting with a higher authority and whatever is read from here on is to either be taken at face value or written off as a joke. If you chose the latter then stop reading and throw the book away now. These are the personal thoughts of the one known as bishop of the underworld about the journey and events that are to take place possibly having an impact on the future through either success or failure.

Chapter 1

I am a man who has done many things that were never really on the straight and narrow, but people are known to change with the circumstances that are presented to them, my current circumstances being that of knowledge recently revealed to me. Believing me or not matters little to me, but I have been told of my divine lineage. My father is Anubis and I was born of him, a god, and my mother, a mortal. He came to me and proved himself godly and told me of a request he had. To retrieve a relic of unknown importance, unknown power, and unknown origins, from an unknown location. Information is key here, and as the head of the New York branch of Aeria, not something in which I’m lacking. The only catch to this quest is that I’m not going it alone. I am now part of a group, recently christened Aurora Umbra, making me officially Bishop of the Dark Lights. This group consists of my brother in lineage the hard ass, my little brother the sycophant, my brother in arms the dim genius, the lone wolf, the stacked cultist, the cloistered princess, and the B-movie lister. Background checks give them credit that in real life I’ve yet to see them deserve, but who knows, they may change my opinion. Until the mission I have received is over I will treat them all as they should be treated under such circumstances, soldiers, for I feel what’s beginning is that of a war. I leave tomorrow with the princess so as to acquire her reagent with which her weapon shall be made. I can only hope my premonitions of war don’t come to pass and that if they do we still have time til then to prepare ourselves.

Blake's view

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