Cyrus Smithe

Quick-witted and quick on his feet, Cyrus always follows the curious trail while helping as many people as he can on the way.


Name:Cyrus Smithe
Pantheon:The Dodekatheon
Player:Vince Capriotti

ATTRIBUTES:2 Strength, 2 Charisma, 3 Perception, 4 Dexterity(2 epic), 2 Manipulation, 4 Intelligence(2 epic), 3 Stamina, 3 Appearance, 4 Wits

ABILITIES:2 Academics, 1 Art(Music), 2 Melee, 1 Occult, 1 Athletics, 2 Awareness, 1 Empathy, 1 Fortitude, 1 Integrity, 1 Presence, 3 Science, 2 Brawl, 1 Command, 1 Control(automobile), 2 Investigation, 4 Marksmanship, 2 Stealth, 1 Survival, 3 Medicine

Mateba_________/ 5 / 2 / 4L / 0 / 20
Desert Eagle_____/ 5 / 0 / 5L / 0 / 50
Scalpel________/ 4 / 3 / 2L / 0 / 15


VIRTUES:3 Intellect, 3 Valor, 1 Expression, 2 Vengeance

Legend Points 16|16

Dodge DV: 7
Parry DV: 5
Join Battle: 5
B:3 L:2 A:0
ARMOR:Heavy Clothing
B:1 L:0 A:0
Move:6 Dash:14 Jump:3

BOONS:Arete 1, Heal/Infect, Penetrating Glare, Prophecy 1, Asses Health, Blessing of Health

Perfect Memory, Untouchable Opponent, Speed Reader

Cyrus Smithe was born in Liverpool, UK on July 9th, 1986 to Abe and Madrona Smithe. He was named after his great-uncle Ciro, and followed after Ciro in his studies of medicine. Cyrus always excelled in his studies and blew through school quickly, however he was blind to anyone who found attraction towards him. After graduating from high school his mother fell very ill with a disease similar to the one that took Ciro. Cyrus studied furiously trying to find a cure for his mother, but the disease took her faster than he could research and she died. A year later his father was caught in an accident that took his life and two days later his grandparents passed away due to old age. He was left with the family fortune that had culminated over the years and the family shop, Mystiks Menagerie. He finished up college unusually fast and obtained his Masters of Medical Science. Cyrus decided visit the shop that his family held precious said his last farewell and left. He felt he no longer had need to stay and that it might be painful otherwise. So he packed his things, sold the house, kept some money aside to maintain the store and brought his car and medical case. Along his journey he stopped wherever he heard of a problem and helped to fix it. Whether it be simple or complex he was at peace helping others.

Graduated HS at 16 and Med school at 22.

Date of Birth:7/9/86

Equipment:Lamborghini Gallardo, Mateba, Desert Eagle, Medical Equipment


Cyrus’ great-grandfather Kamran was once a wealthy owner of a marketplace in Khoy. However, due to sudden raids and accusations against Kamran’s family he was exiled and forced to leave a third of his fortune behind. Kamran made the most of his travel to find a new home by selling wares he found and crafted along the journey. During a stop in Belgrade, Serbia, he met Aria from Vicenza who was on a tour of cultures around Europe. Kamran convinced her to travel with him and she conceived a healthy set of twins along the boat ride to England, Ciro and Kamaria. Kamran died two years after. Aria’s brother Sergio helped her to raise the twins and manage the shop that she and Kamran had set up in Maidstone. Kamaria left Maidstone and moved away to Liverpool where she married a very succesful lawyer, Alistair Clark, and Ciro became a doctor at a well known hospital in London. Alas, an unknown disease had struck Ciro and he passed soon after. When Aria passed she left the shop to Kamaria, who by now had given birth to Cyrus’ mother Madrona. Kamaria and Alistair moved to Maidstone and quietly looked after the shop, and Madrona had become a lawyer and worked at the same firm her father once worked. She later got married to a man named Abe Smithe and together they had a baby boy. Kamaria asked to name the child after her late brother, so they named him Cyrus. Cyrus immediatly took an interest in the medical arts, however, he could not save his mother from passing from an illness similar to the one that took Ciro. Not too long after his father died in a car accident and his grandparents from old age. He inherited the family fortune and the shop, Mystiks Menagerie.

Cyrus Smithe

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