The Reflecting Pool

Pool of Tears

and some Caucus Race

The group having split into three went their separate ways, Egypt, Virginia, and England, to obtain their quarry, Golden Sand, Lich’s Bones, and Unicorn Hair, with which Dragon will create their new weapons. I’m going to be curt with you because I don’t feel like writing too much.

Each group ran into members of Raven Lore. Helen, Ben, and Dragon met Jilaen, Lilonne, and Tythrus in the mausoleum. Lilonne forced them to the room and Jilaen froze them in place. Tythrus killed Ben and brought Helen’s cousins in to the room. Jilaen woke Christine up and controlled Christopher into killing her and then shortly after disappeared. Cyrus, Nero, and Jack met Feryn and Revin in the Pyramid. Feryn and Revin knocked them out and brought them to the throne room where Revin who turned out to be Jack’s mother’s killer poisoned the nearest town’s water supply and killed Jack’s cousin in front of his eyes. Feryn then freed them from their icy prison and Cyrus turned and attempted to shoot Revin who blocked the bullet with a shield of ice and punched Cyrus clear across the room. Cyrus attempted to retaliate further but lost his middle finger in the process. Finally Blake and Aidan met Xanti, his retainer Daina, and his pet Purth, in the mists forest. Aidan was faced with Xanti alone who threw some dice and caused a thick tree branch to fall above Aidan. The branch was knocked out of the way by Blake who then shot at Xanti but the bullet was blocked by Purth who proceeded to attack Blake. While Blake was dealing with Purth, Xanti showed Aidan that pursuing this quest further is pointless by showing a recording of her house being blown up. They then returned to Aeria HQ with treasure and sorrow in hand. Ben came back to life by unknown means and returned with Dragon who came with a bag and the Cheshire Cat. The bag contained everybody’s new weapons, they then proceeded to train with their weapons. When they got back to the top of the building a giant robot-esque “thing” showed up and smashed the room they were in into the ground. They ran away from the robot, met the Informants and retreated to Blake’s estate.

The End. :)



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