The Reflecting Pool

Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 2


Jack chose the mirrored door and walked into a tripadelic room. Two men were standing there one was Anubis the other was Blake. Anubis told Jack about the current situation and Jack went to punch him and failed.

Apollo and Cyrus.

Cyrus was in Paris and on his way to a bar was attacked by harpies. He was then rescued by the rabbit but then had to fight one on one with a harpy and succeeded. He took the talons and went to the bar where he found Apollo, drunk, the rabbit sobered him and Apollo told Cyrus what was going on.

The Baron’s Little Boy

Ben was in his house when Baron Samedi came in and knocked him on the head. He then quickly proceeded to tell Ben about his current situation so as to avoid the annoyance of the rabbit and left.

The Meeting of Minds

All of the scions received their plane tickets and set off for New York where they met up with each other while entering Aeria’s New York HQ. They reached the top office and were greeted by Blake. He told them what’s what and went around for introductions, he set everyone up in hotel rooms and the next day was “the last free day you’ll have”. They returned to the office the following day where they were grouped and left for varying destinations. Helen, Benjamin, and Dragon went to Nevada to receive Lich bones from the Griffith Mausoleum, Jack, Cyrus, and Nero went to Egypt to find Gold sand, and Blake and Aidan went to England to obtain Unicorn hair. Each group got to their destination and set off. This quest for power has now begun, and hardships and sorrows will be found for everyone.



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