The Reflecting Pool

Down the Rabbit Hole: Part 1

The harrowing of Aidan Holmes

The winds of change are stirring and the seeds of fate that were sewn long ago are now being nurtured. Aidan Holmes upon coming home from her afternoon ride noticed a stranger by the stables. She neither wished to know who he was or why he was here and avoided him post haste. She strung her horse up to the houses railing and walked inside hoping to find her family. Instead as she came towards the living room the man she had just seen outside was now lounging on the couch. She rushed all around the house looking for her family with no sign of them, but the man was still on the couch. In the next few minutes the man who now called himself the rabbit had been different sizes in different places, different ages and had forced Aidan to call into question her own sanity. Then there was a gentle but harsh voice behind her that stopped the rabbit for a bit. It came from a woman who then pointed herself out to be Brigid of the Tuatha De Danaan and Aidan’s mother. The news came as quickly as it went for things are always busy. Aidan now learned of her lineage and the rabbit apologized and put things back in order.

The inordinately ordinary life of Helen Brun

She woke up, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, took a shower, got dressed, brushed her hair, ate breakfast, drank some coffee, and went out the door to work. Walking to work the same route to the same place, but none of this was ever dull. The same street just around the corner from the occult shop that she worked had people walking on it the same as always. One person however gave deviation and invited her for a drink in what would seem a rather round about way of doing so but had nonetheless. She declined, but rather, postponed it. Nothing wrong with a free drink. Turning the same way she always had, away from the direction the other man had turned, she saw outside of the occult shop was a different man leaning by the door. Common courtesy she bid a good morning he however recited an odd phrase similar to the one the previous man had said, discounting both she entered her shop to find not but a bar. She looked around and noticed some runes, the bar seemed rather bustling with people and decided to take a stool at the bar she sat down between two people one a young looking woman of fair skin and dark curled hair. The other was the man who had invited her for that drink, they recounted earlier that day and the man got up and went out the door saying something about that damn rabbit. She next looked to the woman next to her and noticed three drinks. Upon the woman’s consumption of one of the cups of liquid the room became quiet. Helen looked around and found the once bustling bar empty. She began speaking to the woman and another person appeared in the seat next to her. It was the man who was standing outside of the shop earlier. The conversation bounced around between the three of them and Helen found out; 1, she was the daughter of a goddess, 2, the goddess was Hecate, 3, she was to join a team of other scions, and 4, she was to keep an eye on the behavior of the son of Apollo. She was given a stave and was told of its ability of channeling her own power. Afterwards they both left and apparently the next step she takes into her store may be an interesting one.

Jack Jahi wants rabbit stew

Jack went into work, into his office, sat down at his desk and noticed a man hanging onto the back of his office door. The man jumped down, ran up into his face, flipped over and parted with the words of “catch me if you can”. Jack did not give chase. The man continued the game of lion and rabbit. Until the rabbit was tired and gave a choice of two doors to choose from.

To be continued…



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